Monday, August 11, 2008

The Contingent #1 3 page preview

Miguel Francisco, a Bolivian boy, has been forced from his home to the Stephens School in America--an institution that is actively recruiting superpowered individuals. What Miguel discovers upon his arrival is that there is something more to the Stephens School than he, or anyone else, has been told. Something troubling. But how deep does it go? And why is he so important to it all?

Will he side with the man who wants to make him a god? Or will he embrace the harder path and the often inevitable costs of doing the right thing?

Set in a world where superpowers, mechanical apes, and genetically altered monsters are the order of the day, The Contingent explores not just the superficial ideas of superheroics and right versus wrong, but the motivations behind them.

Written by Zack Kruse and penciled by Zeu (The Phantom, Cloudburst,Prjoect Elohim). Colors are by Javi Laparra with lettering by Chris Studabaker.

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