Monday, September 29, 2008


HEY! I am in the October Previews! Hooray! Go out and order a copy of The Contingent #1 today! Seriously! Right now! I need your help!

You can order it from any comic shop, anywhere in the world. If they tell you can't order it, they are not being honest with you and you should shop elsewhere. Or someone else is not being honest with them.

Don't know where to find a local comic shop? No problem. Just go here: It's the Comic Shop Locator Service. All you need to do is enter your zip code and it will bring up a list of comic shops in your area.

OR! You can order a copy through Discount Comic Book Service. If you order through DCBS, then you can also get a free sketch to accompany your copy of the book!

Please pre-order the book. Since it is an independently published comic, it is unlikely that the overwhelming majority of stores will carry enough copies to put on their front shelf. Don't expect to stumble into any old comic shop and just sitting out on the rack, you'll want to pre-order it.

Below is the copy that accompanied the book in this month's catalog, along with the Diamond order code. When you go to pre-order the book, that order code is very important. It will make placing your order much easier for you and the retailer.


by Zack Kruse, Zeu, Javi Laparra & Chris StudabakerForced from his Bolivian home to an America where superpowers, mechanical apes, and genetically altered monsters are the order of the day, will young Miguel Francisco accept the offer of the man who wants to make him a god? Or will he embrace the harder path and the often inevitable costs of doing the right thing? The Contingent explores everything from the nature of heroism, to love, and much more, all accented by big superhero fun!

Item Code: OCT084283
$3.50 (US)

Comments or feedback on the book? You can e-mail me at:

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