Monday, October 13, 2008

The Contingent #1 Reviewed on 11 O'Clock Comics!


Just wanted to let everyone know that on episode 25 of the 11 O'Clock Comics podcast, co-host VinceB reviewed and discussed The Contingent #1.

"There is a hell of a lot of potential for this series, and I hope it's long running..." said Vince. "Great, great start."

Here is a direct link to episode 25:

You can check out 11 O'Clock home page and forum here:

There you have it! Just one more reason for you to hustle on out and order a copy of The Contingent #1. You can order it from any comic book shop using order code OCT084283.

Don't miss out on this fantastic new title from MindStorm Comics!

Zack Kruse

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My new research project... here's my research project that I've assigned for myself:

I'm going to study the life and works of Hank Pym. Why, you ask? I won't tell you. That would ruin everything. Don't be a ruiner. Just know that I've developed a new affection for Dr. Pym and he and I are going to be as close as two pym-particles in an Ant-Man suit.


GAH! Here's your unsettling moment of the day...Alan Moore yaoi.