Monday, February 23, 2009

New webcomic announced!

Friends! Hello!

I have exciting news for you! As I make the final preparations to get The Contingent #2 off to the printer, I am also in the early phases of my new webcomic: Mystery Solved!.

Mystery Solved! is a series of adventures that revolve around the globe trotting raconteur Colonel Randall Thaddeus Winchester IV...The Colonel, for short. Each story will follow the Colonel as he relates the details of his latest investigation where he encounters faith healing phonies, mythical monsters, and nefarious nuns.

Each complete story will feature the talents of a new artist to accompany Zack Kruse's scripts. The first story and character designs are done by the incredibly talented Big Jim Miller

Scheduled artists include Jim Miller, Katie Cook and Dave Dwonch.

More to come on the official launch date of the site and future artists. Below are the inked pages for the first story, as drawn by Jim Miller

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