Friday, May 29, 2009

The Contingent #2 On Teenage Wasteland! And the F-Bomb blog!

Heyhey Kids!

The Contingent #2 was reviewed this week for the Teenage Wasteland podcast. Alec does a great show and is always really thoughtful and honest in his reviews.

So if you are not already checking out Teenage Wasteland, what better time to jump on board than with this episode: Teenage Wasteland #26

Speaking of great reviewers and The Contingent #2, are you reading the F-Bomb blog? You need to get on that! Check out the reviews section and you will find another great review for The Contingent! F-Bomb Review

Finally, don't forget to order The Contingent #3 at DCBS this month! You can find the book here: The Contingent @ DCBS

Thanks for reading and tuning in!

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