Thursday, November 6, 2008

Random thoughts. Ooohh! Bullet points!

  • Read Guerillas #2. Still an awesome comic...more plot progession in this issue, as opposed to the heavy character stuff in issue #1. There's no reason for people to not buy this book.
  • Bought my oldest daughter a Batman mask today...she insisted on wearing while we were still in the store...awesome.
  • My rewards points cannot come soon enough, so I can get Lego Batman
  • Twitter is destroying my productivity at work. It will pass though and I will return to normal productivity levels
  • I fear for DC when Geoff Johns starts writing fewer books and/or starts leaving certain and point: the current state of The Flash.
  • When I was voting, some dude had to be carted away in an ambulance. Apparently he couldn't handle the pressure and passed out. Weak.
  • I'm looking for an artist who wants to collaborate on a new comic book. Any takers?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hey! I was on 11 O'Clock Comics!

I was on the Halloween episode of the 11 O'Clock Comics this week. Tom Katers and I subbed in for the absent David Price. It's good episode and I had a great time talking with the guys. Give 'er a listen: 11 O'Clock Comics episode 28

Really, you should just subscribe to the 11 O'Clock iTunes feed though and visit the forum here: 11 O'Clock Forum