Monday, December 22, 2008

Two big pieces of news!

Two new and exciting items of interest:

1. The Contingent is briefly discussed on episode two of the podcast, Teenage Wasteland. Check it out here: Teenage Wasteland ep. 2

2. The Contingent now has its very own forum! Hooray! It can be found at The Comic under the Comic section. You can go directly to the forum by clicking here: The Contingent Forum

The Contingent #1 discussed on Rabitt Stew

Heyhey kids!

The first issue of The Contingent was reviewed and discussed on episode 26 of Rabitt Stew! Spoilers abound, however. So consider yourself warned. Stew is a really good show and definitely worth your time to listen to, if you are not already.

Big, big thanks to Brandon for discussing it on the show. I really appreciate it!

You can download the episode here: Rabitt Stew Ep. 26

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Check out The Contingent on Comic Related

Heyhey kids!

Just a quick update. You can now check out previews for The Contingent on Comic They've got daily news, reviews, great columns, and so forth. If you are not someone who frequents their site already, you should really check it out. Lots of very cool resources.

The Contingent #1
on Comic Related

The Contingent #2 on Comic Related

Friday, December 12, 2008

Contingent #2 preview!

Heyhey kids!

Here are a couple preview pages from issue #2 of The Contingent! Issue #2 is in the December Previews and you can order it using order code: DEC084164.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Contingent #1 in stores now! Contingent #2 available for order!

Heyhey kids!

The Contingent #1 was released last week. Did you go get your pre-order? Did you see it on a shelf? Go get it!

More good news! The Contingent #2 is in the December Previews! It's on page 288 of the December catalog and has the order code

Here's the copy from the catalog: In the wake of the tragic events at the Stephens School, what alarming secrets will be uncovered? What lengths will Miguel go to in order to prevent further tragedy? Lives are forever changed as the consequences of having too much power are revealed. Don't miss out on this action-packed issue!

Sneak peek pages coming shortly!

So get out there! Support it! Buy it!